Our Story

Welcome to The Spiritual Begining!

Years ago as I was driving down one of the main roads in the city where I live I noticed that there were Churches on many streets on the corners that traversed down further into the residential areas of the city. I was fascinated with how many different Christian Churches there were and also the number of different non-Christian Churches that were mixed in with them. It really impressed me that there was such a great diversity of faiths and cultures that existed right in the community where I was raised but also just how much I didn’t know about the people that lived here and about where they came from and how all of us are part of the great fabric of America and how we all have such an effect on our communities and on each one of us.

I was raised by parents who taught me and my siblings to respect other people and to not be judgmental or prejudiced with people who believed differently than we did. We were taught to be non-judgmental with those who looked different because of their skin color or about where they were from. We were taught to love ourselves and each other as well as our neighbors and those who believed differently than we did. Shop with us to explore, and find your perfect idea of spirituality within you!